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Blessing the bells © Peter Bird
Bishop Jonathan blessing the bells © Peter Bird

St Mary's Church North Creake originally had a ring of six bells with tenor 12-3-0 cwt. Being difficult to ring and with poor tonal quality, it was decided work had to be carried out. After a long fund raising effort, the old six bells were removed in June 2015, the old treble was replaced, the old tenor was recast 11-2-22 cwt, two new bells were cast to augment the ring to eight, and all the bells were tuned. The original treble was retained and is used as the Sanctus bell.

The old rotten floor was removed and new steel girders were installed lower in the tower. The existing wooden bell frame made by George Day & Son of Eye 1898 was lowered onto grillage.

The bells were installed and ringable by mid-December 2015 with all work was carried out by John Taylor & Co of Loughborough. The ringing gallery was extended in 2016

It is hoped to get a regular band of ringers together to ring before Sunday Service Worship. If you are interested in ringing or in learning to ring contact Tower Captain.

Church of Saint Mary

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